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Together, we can create a better future for Bloomington. 

We're running a student-led campaign for city council. Join us.

Thank you for joining our campaign. It's for all of us.

My name is David Wolfe Bender, and I'm running for the Bloomington City Council.


It's time for a new generation of leadership in Bloomington. 

I moved to Bloomington in August 2020 as a new student at Indiana University. And quickly, it became clear to me that our city council doesn't look like Bloomington. 

There are more than 40,000 students at Indiana University; students are half the city's population. Students are a big part of Bloomington's economy, and we're part of its workforce. And despite all of that, there has never been an undergraduate student on the Bloomington City Council.


I'm looking to change that. Together, we can show why this really is the quintessential college town — a city where all of our residents get a voice. 

Our campaign is guided by a series of values. And those values inform a series of forward-thinking policy solutions for our city's future. But in order to make a difference, we need your help. Support our campaign here

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