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My Story

The First Election

2008 • Northern Virginia

I was just six when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. I remember it vividly: my mom and dad worked so hard to get me engaged in politics at a young age. At age six, my mom showed me how to vote in Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" poll. And that was the day I started counting down the days until I could vote on my own in a real election.

Early Beginnings

2002 • Northern Virginia

I was born in northern Virginia, just a few miles outside of Washington DC. Being from the nation's capital fosters a love for policy. When you live in the District-Maryland-Virginia area, your local news and your national news are one and the same. And as a young person, that led to a love for government. 

Move to Indianapolis

2013 • Indianapolis, Indiana

My parents moved our family away from the east coast when I was 11 years old. I'll be honest: I never wanted to leave the east coast. I loved it there. But a school like IU and a community like Bloomington eventually convinced me that this is the perfect home.

Bar Mitzvah

2015 • Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation

I was Bar Mitzvah'ed at my home temple, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, in 2015. In the preparation for my Bar Mitzvah, I became close in touch with my Judaism. That day, in front of my entire congregation, I pledged to "care as much as possible for the community, the world, and my nation." 

I incorporated Jewish teachings and ideals into my own set of values: community, lifelong education, fairness, and love for others. Since them, I've continued to try to practice those values.

Reporting with WFYI News Radio

2019 • Indianapolis, Indiana

Just before my 12th-grade year, I interned with WFYI News Radio, Indianapolis's NPR affiliate. While reporting there, I realized the importance of local government. I covered Joe Hogsett, Indianapolis's mayor. From community policing initiatives to affordable housing proposals to parking policies, I saw firsthand the effect of city government. Immediately, it was clear: city governments have significant impact on their communities. 

Move to Bloomington

2020 • Bloomington, Indiana

At the end of my 12th-grade year, I announced that I would move to Bloomington, Indiana, to attend Indiana University. It was the best decision I ever made. Immediately when I got to IU, I fell in love with our city. I loved walking through the Sample Gates onto Kirkwood, strolling down 10th street toward my dorm, and watching our city cheer on game days.


Bloomington's Housing Crisis

2021 • Bloomington, Indiana

Working as a journalist for a local newspaper, I contributed to award-winning coverage on the Bloomington Housing Crisis. I wrote stories on crucial city council debates — from the encampment protection legislation to the unified development ordinance. Then, later that year, I saw Bloomington's high rent problems first hand when I moved into my first apartment. My rent is higher than my parents' mortgage. Why? Because we don't have enough housing. It's time to admit we have a housing crisis.

Seeing Hatred

2021 • Bloomington, Indiana

At the end of 2021, swastikas appeared all across Bloomington, both on IU's campus and off. Unfortunately, that wasn't the first incident of antisemitism in Bloomington, and it certainly wasn't the last. As a proud Jew in our city, it was concerning to know that someone in our city was promoting antisemitism and nazi imagery. Hatred has no place in our city. Working for a local newspaper, I worked tirelessly to ensure these incidents were reported publicly. Hatred has no place in our city.

Advocating on Behalf of the Student Body

2022 • Bloomington, Indiana

At the beginning of June 2022, Indiana University's Student Body President Kyle Seibert nominated me to become the Director of City Relations for the Indiana University Student Government's Executive Branch. As part of this role, you can find me commenting on behalf of IUSG at most Bloomington City Council meetings. 

Some of my priorities in this role include increasing student voter registration, advocating for more student appointments to city boards and commissions, and campaigning for issues important to students.

Our goal is to be on the forefront of all city issues. Every single city issue is a student issue. Our housing is too expensive. Our city isn't walkable enough, and it isn't bikeable enough. Students are Bloomingtonians too, and we're going to prove it. 

Appointed to the Bloomington Parking Commission

2022 • Bloomington, Indiana

In 2022, I was honored to receive Mayor John Hamilton's appointment to the Bloomington Parking Commission. Being only the second student voice on that commission at the time, I am there to be an advocate for equity and practicality in parking policy. It is crucial that we get more students to sit on our city's ever-more-influential boards and commissions. Because students — as residents — deserve a voice.

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We are going to bring a new generation of leadership to Bloomington.

It's time to show why our vision is the right path forward for our great city.

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