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Together, we can build a better Bloomington.

We need bold policies. A city that is equitable, walkable, bikeable, livable, breathable, workable, and affordable. This is my vision for our city's future. 


I want to expand affordable housing, increase safety for walkers and bikers, improve livability, promote economic development, and ensure public safety is a priority. 

That's what I'll do when you elect me. Support us here.

People-Centered Priorities

Bloomington politics is not about who is a progressive and who is a moderate. Those labels are too simple; the political differences are not in a label but rather in a placement of priorities.

In my time watching Bloomington's politics, I've noticed a trend: too many of our leaders place our priority on everything but people. We prioritize parking, cars, and buildings — but we don't implement enough policies to help people

When we decide to fix a pothole in a street before fixing a sidewalk, we are making an active decision to prioritize drivers over walkers/bikers — even though the broken sidewalk poses a much greater danger to people than the pothole does. 

Our campaign is about people-centered priorities. 

The one question I always ask about any policy: "How does this policy help or hurt people?"

Because that's what matters.

People-Centered Priorities
Long-Term Investment
  • Construct a pedestrian-only street on Kirkwood Avenue, expanding business opportunities and community development

  • Expand/protect city parks and provide tax-advantaged development opportunities surrounding city parks

  • Ensure public safety is a top priority, safeguarding our city's unhoused residents and protecting against crimes of hatred

  • Advocate for tax credits to encourage investment for companies and organizations that support Bloomington's pro-business, pro-equity, and pro-climate values

  • Offer electric vehicle charging units in certain parking spaces — because it's the future

  • Invest in more green spaces across our city, supporting public parks

Traffic and Transit
  • Build a protected bike lane on Third Street — because it's a major bike corridor in Bloomington

  • Create more dedicated, protected bike lanes on busy streets

  • Transition College Ave and Walnut St to two-way streets — because they're safer for everyone

  • Protect and repair old sidewalks and build new, elevated sidewalks to promote safer walking

  • Ensure more sidewalks meet ADA-accessible standards

  • Provide additional funding for Bloomington Transit, extending hours and service

  • Electrify fleet as best as possible

  • Safeguard equity in all public transportation decisions

Zoning and Housing
  • Support more housing diversity around the Indiana University campus — to promote cheaper rent payments

  • Offer and approve tax abatements and zoning advantages for affordable housing projects

  • Remove parking mandates in most areas of the city — giving property owners/developers the ability to make their own choices about parking availability

  • Incorporate affordable housing into the Hopewell neighborhood and future public-private partnership projects

  • Oh, and I'll always treat students as Bloomington residents. Why? Because they are residents. Full stop.


The Future of Kirkwood

Kirkwood is the heart of our downtown, and we should act like it. It's a beautiful street, home to some of our greatest shops and businesses. Kirkwood should be a community space, a permanent pedestrian street, open to people and closed to cars. Dozens of cities across the United States have done this, and it's worked in nearly every city where it's been tried — big and small: from Boulder to LA, New Orleans to Charlottesville, and Williamsburg to Madison. Pedestrian malls boost economic and community development.

Pedestrian malls are perfect for everyone: college students and families alike. They are the quintessential community space with public art, outdoor seating, outdoor stages, restaurant space, and more.

The photo attached is Pearl Street, a pedestrian mall in Boulder, Colorado. Pearl Street transformed Boulder, and Kirkwood can transform Bloomington.

Future of Kirkwood
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